Dec. 14, 2017

"A" is for Alabama

At the beginning of our list of states in alphabetical order, Alabama launched a renewed commitment to decency. Hopefully. That’s if we, as God’s representatives, will stand for what’s right as opposed to self-righteousness that requires blind party faith.

From all indications and based on exit polls, my fellow “white, Southern, Evangelical Christians” managed to endorse a probable pedophile in Alabama’s special election. Christians – did you get that? God’s people were willing to send this man to Washington. Christians – did you get that? God’s people continue to ignore overwhelming facts about the moral depravity of their party’s candidates believing their personal, political wish list will be granted.

Thank God, He intervened and stirred among those who do not so brazenly attach themselves to His name.

Instead of referring to Alabama as “the Crimson Tide,” we were close to congratulating them for changing the moral tide crimson, and Christians led the way. Instead of the sports cheer, “Bama!” God’s own people supported, “Bam her! It’s okay!”

I’m just wondering what moral leg do we plan to stand on since we seem to be okay with a President who likes to grab “pu---” and a Senatorial candidate that was once banned from a mall in his district for hitting on underage girls? How’s that working for our witness?

Oh, that’s right…everyone lies except those we want to believe.

If you think for one minute that my distaste for the church’s silence in these matters has more to do with party and less to do with witness, your lack of spiritual depth is showing. I really don’t care if a Republican or Democrat wins. I’d like Jesus to be the ultimate winner and in today’s political climate – He’s the loser.

If you are Gay, we call you deviant. If you are a strong woman, we call you a “bi---” but, if you are Republican and sexually perverse – we call you a winner! Tell me again how our political shortsightedness is going to decrease the moral decay of America? Remind me: Why I should listen to you when you share Jesus?

This little light of ours is becoming smaller each and every day.  The Light seems to be dimming in our hearts and is losing power to shine in the world’s darkness. I fear that it is very close to being blown out completely. By us.

Do us all a favor. If you must support a Republican because you have it in your mind that they are “God’s party,” please at least try to pick people who reflect God’s virtue. Thank you.