Dec. 7, 2017

What do you say?

You say, “Pee-can.” Some say, “Pu-cawn.”  Some say, “Poe-tay-toe.” Others say, “Pa-taw-toe.” You say, “Tu-may-toe,” and some say, “toe-maw-taw.”

Some say one view is right and any other view is wrong. Funny thing is, the person voicing the other view believes they are totally right. Some say, “My way or the highway.” Still, others say, “Groovy. Live and let live.” (Yes, I realize no one says, “groovy.”)

It’s called perspective.

I enjoy reading Facebook. Sometimes, a little too much. Anyhoo (I know, you say, “Anyhow”), I clicked on a recent sermon by Dr. Ed Young that someone posted. OMG. (You say, “Oh, my God,” but I mean, “Oh, my GOSH!) Dr. Young was teaching on the salvation Christ provides. Helllloooooooo???? (You say that’s poor grammar; I say it’s entertaining.) How can believers argue about that? Well, they do, and they did. (You say, “don’t end a sentence with ‘did;’” I say, “I did so I can keep you hanging and prove my point.”)

It became a Facebook debate on whether Dr. Young was saying it the right way; being thorough enough; being too permissive; or watering it down. Someone had the guts to say Dr. Young, “Never knows what he is talking about.” This person believes he is smarter than Dr. Ed Young. Interesting…

I wanted to scream in a post, “YOU PEOPLE ARE GOOFY! IF ANYONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW JESUS IS READING THIS FACEBOOK ARGUMENT, THEY ARE GLAD THEY DON’T KNOW HIM BECAUSE OF YOUR HATEFULNESS!!!” (I know, I know…too many exclamation marks. I do that when I am trying to make a strong point.)

At that moment, God whispered, “Bingo.” I heard it as, “Roni, you are equally guilty.” Ouch.

I say, “Forgive me, Lord.” What do you say?