Dec. 7, 2017

A prayer for today

Lord, our world needs You.

Father, I realize everyone has their opinion about why things are so tense, so hateful, and so dangerous. Lord, some believe everyone needs to shut up. Isn't that how we got here in the first place?

Lord, forgive me for trying to figure it out instead of letting it go and simply praying.

Lord, we need You in the fires of California.
Lord, we need You in the fires of our government.
Lord, we need You in the fires dividing our hearts, within our homes, in our schools, and in our communities.

Lord, our world needs You. You left us here to tell Your story to the world. You are depending on us. Forgive us. We have failed You miserably.

Lord, we need YOU.

Father, comfort those who have suffered great loss. Father, please hear our prayer and move Your hand over this world.

Father, forgive us for substituting denominational rules or religious thought instead of Your word.

Lord, our failures as Your children have nothing to do with what "they" are doing. It has everything to do with what we are not doing.

We are not seeking You first.
We are not casting our cares on You.
We are not humbling ourselves to pray.
We are not trusting You with all our hearts.
We are leaning on our own understanding.

Lord, we are letting our hearts become heavy with trouble. We claim to believe in Christ. We claim to believe in You. Claiming it and revealing it are two different things.

How often do we reach out to those living in poverty?
How often do we touch those in prison?
How often do we minister to the orphans and widows?

Lord, do not allow us to sit in beautiful buildings, reciting our canned prayers, or checking our phones instead of listening to Your message.

Do not allow us to pay more attention to what we want or what we believe instead of Your teachings.

Lord, I confess that I am angry at some of my fellow Christians.
I confess that I am disappointed in so many of my brothers and sisters.
I confess that I disappoint them, too. Every day.

Father, we need a clean slate that only You can provide.

Cleanse us, O Lord.
Teach us, O Lord.
Mold us, O Lord.
Discipline us, O Lord.
Forgive us, O Lord.

If we will simply follow the words You shared as You exited this earth - we will be Your witnesses. We are Your witnesses from our living rooms to the other side of our world. Don't allow us to forget that, Lord.

Please remind us and forgive us of our selfishness.

Change our hearts instead of remaining patient with our shallow attempts to keep things the same so that we are comfortable.

Renew our spirits as opposed to our renewing our political resolve.

Lord, we need You. You don't need us. We need You.

Jesus is the One. Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus wants to be Lord of our lives and our world. Let His reign begin in me.

Teach me to love my enemies regardless of their gender, religion, political views, or country of origin. Teach me to love as You love. Teach me to forgive as You forgive.

Jesus, You alone are Holy. We all fall short of Your glory. Renew in us a right spirit that promotes Your righteousness. YOUR righteousness; not our desires. Not our financial dreams.

And, for the sake of those who insist that I end this prayer exactly how they say I am supposed to - In Your Holy Name I pray...Amen.

From the heart of Your daughter, Roni