Nov. 28, 2017

Upside Down

The world seems upside down to me.
I often wonder why?
I’d like to understand, but can’t;
No matter how hard I try.

Our salt and light seem hidden,
And hidden very well.
When you try to find the “good guys,”
It’s often hard to tell.

I don’t mean to sound so negative.
You can certainly disagree.
While some see “sin” so prevalent,
I see Christian apathy.

People, even children, are getting killed
While we argue about our guns.
If anyone tries to speak up or out,
They’re tagged the guilty one.

Our President – don’t get me started…
Any logic falls on deaf ears.
We claim to seek God’s righteousness
While operating under human fears.

As I go around from place to place,
People are so darned split.
Sometimes, I am tempted to ask,
“Is politics worth this?”

To me, that’s where the problem lies.
“Party” rules our minds.
With our acceptance of blatant sin,
We are blurring moral lines.

I know my thoughts are unpopular.
My grief is heavy still.
So many times as I watch the news,
It all seems so unreal.

Our country is losing respect and pride.
Where is our Christ-like compassion?
We seem to care more about our pocketbooks
And less about our actions.

I’ve moved past disappointment.
I’ve become completely disillusioned.
Just so our side claims to “win,”
We don’t really care who’s wounded.

As I pray, I openly ask the Lord,
“What is it that You see?
Will my friends be able to stand before You
bragging, ‘Well, at least I didn’t vote for Hillary?’”

We’ve dropped all standards.
And, willingly decreased any expectations.
Parties and politics lacking principles
Will be the downfall of this nation.

You know what really bugs me the most?
No one wants to listen.
We seem fine, almost proud,
That the sin of “our side” glistens.

The saddest testimony of all?
The proof that faith is not alive?
When someone tries to reason with us,
Our pride goes on overdrive.

So, let’s go ahead and sit in comfort
Believing this situation is ordained.
When we are willing to really examine truth,
We will see how deeply the Lord is pained.

I look forward to the day when
We stand before our King.
When we open our mouth to speak,
His judgment will be seen.

When we all stand before the Lord
Receiving our promised crowns,
Maybe then He will explain
Why our conviction turned upside down.

*Poetry copyrighted along with this blogsite.

Roni Archer - November 28, 2017