Nov. 16, 2017

Are Baptismal Waters Drying Up?

If you believe that all news is fake news, this latest research project regarding Christianity in America will not disturb you. However, if you believe there is always a smidgen of truth in most things, Houston...we have a problem.

The percentage of proclaimed evangelicals in Texas is at an all-time low of just 31%. You can read the chart attached to this beautiful picture of Texas to discover that “we” lost three percentage points in a seven-year period. The number of Texans declaring they are unaffiliated religiously increased 6% in the same timeframe. The good news is our median household income is better than some states. Unfortunately, to some, that is what matters the most.

What’s happening?

The answer to that question largely depends on who you ask. If you ask avid churchgoers, they will blame a) the media, b) liberal colleges and universities, and c) Millennials (a person who reached adulthood around 2000). If you ask those no longer attending church, they will blame Christians.

If Texas is #13 in the 50 states of these United States, it’s even more interesting to find out the state in first place and the one in last place. Here is the study in its entirety if you are interested (of course, if all news is fake news, you may not care).

Click here to read the complete study.

What’s my point? Well, while most of us are worried about which news station to watch and whether our President is sane, we are losing the battle for future generations. If we are not reaching the 20-30 somethings, every generation following them is lost. At some point, Christians must unite understanding that Jesus Christ needs to be the top priority in our lives. It has nothing to do with the state in which we reside and really has little to do with our economic standing; although the #1 state has a low median household income. Perhaps they are poor in spirit but rich in faith?

What's a Christian to do?

Stop the infighting. (And, yes, my hypocritical finger is pointing inward.) That’s the best suggestion for winning the war against the slowly-decreasing evangelical way of life. Love all people. Share Jesus with all people. Care about all people. Bear the burdens of all people through prayer. Most of all, focus on what really matters. Please.

Ready troops? Gear up and let's get going....