Nov. 14, 2017

Our Clogged Drain


I am sickened by the increased headlines regarding the immorality, hypocrisy, and lying in our government. Many will tell me that’s why they voted the way they voted last November. They wanted to see someone “drain the swamp.” Really? How’s that working for us?

The latest issue with Roy Moore of Alabama is so typical of our male-preferred society. It wouldn’t really matter how many women came forward, he must be the victim of fake news. Hmmmm…. we certainly didn’t say that about Bill Clinton now did we?

I realize many of you, those brave enough to keep reading, believe I am a Democrat; a Liberal. I also know there are many friends who love me that will say, “Roni's on another one of her rants.” But, you know what? I am totally disillusioned with Christianity’s direction. It has less to do with politics and more to do with conviction. Color me mad.

Mo Brooks, Roy’s fellow Alabama-elected leader, doesn’t believe the women in the Roy Moore case. That’s laughable. 

Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell are willing to stand up believing that, until the charges are resolved, Roy Moore needs to step down. You know what I find most disheartening? I heard a political commentator say, “It really won’t matter to most of the Christians in the South. Roy Moore stands for their religious and political beliefs, so they will continue to support him.” Trump all over again. 

That is scary on two fronts: 1) When did predators begin finding acceptance among Christians? And, 2) Why are we so willing to overlook blatant unruly behavior just so we get the gun rights and tax package we want? Really? Oh, I know…I know…at least Hillary Clinton isn’t our President. Whew! I feel better.

I find it amazing that, when you are in politics, it is always someone else’s fault. I’m amazed that legal indiscretions of one candidate turns our face red with anger while worse indiscretions from our party’s candidate is fake news. In our minds, the media revealed Hillary’s sins; yet, the same media is pickin’ on our candidates. Really?

When the government refused to investigate Hillary’s emails, our so-called righteousness (aka, party loyalty) was appalled. When indiscretions of our party are revealed, it’s the Liberal media's tactics.  Really?

As I sit and watch more and more responsible Republicans make the decision to end their careers by not running again, I continue to be amazed that many of my brothers and sisters think that’s a good thing. Predators in leadership: ok.  Principles in leadership: a thing of the past.

When we wake up realizing that we, as Christians, continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with our self-imposed blindness and disregard for God’s principles, we might get some things done before Christ returns. When we complain about the clogged drain in our government, we might just face the facts that much of the clog is our goo created by selfish voting.

Those of us who should be standing firm in Christian morality are sitting down after we vote, accepting the snakes will replace the alligators in our self-made swamp. Most amazing, we seem to believe and trust the snakes. Nothing new there, is it?

“The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made.” Genesis 3:1