Nov. 6, 2017

The Right Thing

It was Sunday morning and they did the right thing.
They walked into church to worship a King.
Love filled the room as music played.
It was no different than any other day.
Suddenly, from the pews in the back,
There came a loud thunder; they were under attack!
What transpired in the church is mere speculation.
But, it wasn’t deer hunting or shooting for recreation.
So many lives snuffed out in a flash!
They simply attended church; now, they’re not coming back.
Those that remain will be scarred forever.
On a beautiful Sunday… In beautiful weather….
“Why, Lord? Why, Lord!” our hearts cry out.
I am so angry. I can’t help but shout!
An unbeliever online taunted in a post,
“You still defend your God?” he asked with a boast.
Of course, those of us with faith fully understand
The act was senseless. It wasn’t God’s plan.
I think what came next angers me most.
Heartless remarks filled many a post.
How can anyone ignore all that’s transpired?
Some say flippant things; some are just liars.
Mentally-ill people don’t need a gun.
In the hands of a crazed person, shooting is never for fun.
Why do we think for even one minute
That all guns are in danger – but that’s how they spin it.
Give me a break. That is just dumb.
We not talking about taking everyone’s gun.
Private gun sellers have no lawful oversight.
Why in the world have you entered their fight?
One simple step could reduce gun deaths.
Pay for a background and limit gun access.
“Oh, but that won’t stop shooting” some try to say.
If it reduces just one death, I think that's okay.
I can remember when we fought for other controversial laws.
We were called, “Liberals,” as we argued our cause.
Child abuse didn’t stop, but it surely slowed down.
Drunk driving was reduced in every city and town.
Pornography and 7-11 met its match.
When they made mothers mad, they didn’t last.
Domestic violence is no longer ignored.
Call me a Liberal; I don’t care anymore.
Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and Sutherland Springs…
No restriction on guns? You think that’s the right thing?
The good guys with guns stop the shooter that day.
The bad guys with guns need us to stand in their way.
While crime will continue, and some guns will sneak through,
That still doesn’t mean there is nothing to do.
For those who believe this discussion should wait,
The shootings don't offer much of a break.
For those who say the timing is all wrong,
I beg to differ; we've waited too long.
As I stand before God and bow my head to pray,
I keep wondering what God has to say.
I know His heart breaks with every shot fired.
He knows evil exists and Satan is a liar.
I seem to remember Peter drawing a sword.
Cutting off an ear in front of our Lord.
“What did Jesus do?” A good question for today.
He put the ear back on as they took Him away.
If we live in such fear and we harness such pride,
I’m wondering why Jesus needed to die?
Apparently, He didn’t realize, we don’t need anyone.
All we need are laws protecting our guns.

Roni Archer - November 6, 2017