Nov. 1, 2017


I’ve always believed in God. However, I choose to ignore anyone who tries to prove to me that God does not exist. I’ve had people argue with me or roll their eyes when I say I believe in God. Doubters do not make my faith waiver. I’ve always understood that faith is faith. Faith is not proof. If we need proof, we don’t understand faith. I don’t understand how a 747 stays in the air, but I still board the plane.

With that said, let me make something perfectly clear: If you serve a god that requires you to kill innocent civilians in order to please your god or to be obedient to that god, you need to look for another god.

I believe America’s greatest threat is cancer. The number of cancer cases and cancer deaths in the United States each year is sickening. Literally – sickening. While I understand terrorists seek to promote fear among their enemies, I also understand that I could die of a heart attack before finishing this blog.

Don’t worry. I’m still here.

Mass shootings, regardless of the perpetrator, and mass killings aren’t in any shape or form honorable religion or reputable courage. Most sane human beings understand this behavior is crazy, but I know sanity and terrorism do not go together.

What’s the answer? Whether your fear is cancer or a terrorist attack, we do what we can to prevent and prepare for life’s tragedies. However, at some point faith must kick in. If you are someone who spends time trying to figure out this “God thing” or has given up on Him altogether, I’m not sure what you draw on when you feel threatened or hear a bad diagnosis.

Faith strengthens me. Faith doesn’t make the world go away. Faith supports me.

The truth of the matter is any of us on any day could walk out our front door and never return. It doesn’t have anything to do with immigration, cancer, or guns. It’s called Houston area traffic. At the same time, anyone of us could go to the doctor next week only to be told our time is up.

Faith. That’s my answer.

God created mankind and He allows us to decide for ourselves. We can live a happy life without fear. “Fear not,” seems to be God’s favorite saying. Fear not. God loves you. Fear not; especially if you love and trust in God. When you’re a Christian, this life is only a dress rehearsal anyway.

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3