Oct. 26, 2017

Daughters of the King


Regardless of how far I think we've come, something is called to my attention that reminds me that God's children have a long way to go. The latest sexual misbehavior allegations are disheartening to say the least. Why would anyone think grabbing a woman's fanny or telling an off-colored joke in a public arena is acceptable? And, I'm talking about someone I love and admire.

All in the same day, I'm made aware that a "Christian" seminary pulled an ad because it showed a female in a learning environment. Excuse me...what year is this?

I expect to hear horror stories from across the sea where women are still degraded, disrespected, and mistreated. I don’t expect to see progress in third-world countries or in the Middle East. I do not expect the immature and misinformed behavior to continue in the United States of America. But, hey! Start at the top of the list of leaders...need I say more?

We also deal with the fact that our race relations have been set back about 40 years, so why am I surprised that male dominance is resurfacing? We're losing ground, but God remains firmly planted in both His will and His plan.

I encourage all women to understand that people who choose to continue to see females in subservient roles are simply proclaiming they do not have the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are choosing to continue living under the curse of sin declared in the Garden of Eden before man was kicked out of God's perfect existence. They are choosing to ignore the bible in its totality and, instead, focus on the parts that make them feel comfortable, powerful, and small. They are choosing to ignore the prophecy of Joel and the teachings of Peter where the Holy Spirit Himself promises to bring power to both men and women. They are choosing to live with scales on their eyes as opposed to accepting the healing hands of Jesus. What can we do for them?

Nothing. They do not want to learn God's truth. They do not want to see through God's eyes. They prefer traditional denominational teachings as opposed to Holy Spirit breathed truth. Let it go. God has His daughters covered. There is no need to be hurt, debate, remain frustrated or get angry. More than that, there is no reason to sit on the sideline waiting for a man to send you into the game. If God has called you, get up and play.

I've been accused of not using scripture often enough in my blogs. The choice comes through growth provided by my Lord and King. He whispered to me a few years ago that no one is listening because they've already made up their minds and they really aren't looking to be challenged. Comfort is entirely too comfortable. So, I no longer fight it. Be comfortable. For me, I choose instead to continue growing in God's grace and leaning into His teaching. All His teachings. I no longer pick and choose or take things totally out of context. I yield to Him even when He sets me straight. I am free. Free indeed.

If someone is trying to convince you that they know everything and have no room to grow, it's okay. Don't become discouraged. Choose to pray for them. Pray that God will heal their blind eyes and their misguided hearts. Pray that they will fall so deeply in love with Jesus that they stop being so concerned about which gender is out front and they begin to rejoice about the lost souls being reached by God’s instrument. All of His instruments.

Then, and only then, will we see the prophetic message of Joel fulfilled.