Oct. 25, 2017

This is Not Goodbye

It hurts, and I cannot pretend.
It hurts; especially since I thought we were friends.
The journey has been difficult and long.
With everything else going on in life, I simply was not strong.
The words, the gossip, the accusations
Served to created doubt and frustration.
Now, as I walk away,
I’m not sure what I need to say.
It hurts but the fault is not all mine.
It hurts, and I believe you will realize it with time.
As I move forward, I pray for you.
That’s not something I say; it’s something I do.
I pray that God will reveal all truth.
I pray that God will heal each wound.
We hurt. I know I am not alone.
We hurt as our friendship withers knowing – it’s gone.
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