Oct. 24, 2017

When I grow up...

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10:28

It’s called the security of the believer. Many use the term “once saved; always saved.” I have no desire to start a theological debate, but go with me here. I want you to know that the more research I do, the more I believe Jesus meant what He said in this verse. No one will snatch His children out of His hand.

But. Yes, there is a, “but.” Most children in America hear the name Jesus Christ and the majority accept Christ as Savior when we are children. Statistics are staggering in today’s American culture. Young adults are exiting the church in mass numbers. As the graphic with this blog states, 58% of today’s Christian youth will leave the church by age 29.


There are many debates why kids leave church and do not return. I’ve taught bible studies for young adults. I have young adult children. I have my own sneaking suspicion. Should the church feel any responsibility? There is a train of thought that these kids were entertained as they grew up in church with puppet shows and never-ending games, so when they entered the adult church world they were surprised to find out “big church” is boring. Yet, there are just as many studies that say my generation moved heaven and earth to change music during the worship for our kids to something more upbeat and alive; yet, the kids left anyway.

I do not want to address the “why” in my blog. Only the individuals know why they leave the church. I want to address the “so what?” I believe anyone can attend church or leave church, but Christ remains in their lives. Why? Because He chooses to uphold His end of the bargain.

He may lay dormant as the person explores and tries new things; even new religions. He is still there. He doesn’t vacate the premises. I believe every one of us, church goer or church drop out, can find comfort in these truths:

God loves the world and sent His Son into this world for the greatest act of reconciliation of all time.

You can forget Jesus. He will never forget you.

Regardless of how we live as Christians; whether we are bossy Christians, angry Christians, bold Christians, Christians in hiding, undercover Christians, or very bad at being Christian – we will face our maker. Let me say that again: We will face our Maker. The salvation part will come in handy when we see Him face to face. Our decision to abandon Him and live as we please will make the meeting much more difficult.