Oct. 23, 2017

The things that make me sad...

I believe the older we become, the harder life gets for us. I also realize many of you went through very difficult times and trauma as children, so you really aren’t interested in my whining. Please forgive me.

I cannot watch the news anymore. There is so much hostility and division! I expect differences of opinions stemming from party lines and philosophy, but we’ve reached an entire new level of hitting below the belt. Nobody laugh. I realize I have done my fair share of trash talk regarding the new administration. This problem seems to be so much bigger than being a Republican, Democrat or Independent. The issues stab right into America’s spirituality and are so divisive to God’s children. It really makes me sad.

I am tired of gun violence. Again, nobody panic; I do not plan on rallying the troops to take away your guns. I do find it a bit amazing that one group wants to control a woman’s uterus but will bite your head off if you look into their gun cabinets. That really makes me sad.

Television comedies aren’t funny to me anymore. There is a lot of sexual humor and bathroom humor. I miss plain, down-home, crack-you-up clean humor. On the other hand, dramas seem to be growing more and more violent. Again, there seems to be a group that wants to attack Hollywood, but I don’t see too many of those people going to Christian-based movies or supporting less violent TV shows. Take “Lethal Weapon” for example. This TV show offers intrigue, mystery, crime fighting, and humor. However, the series is struggling. It was renewed for a second season but doesn’t seem to have the following that more violent and vile series attract. I’m sad that “Lethal Weapon” may not make it because it isn’t bloody enough or violent enough to sustain loyal viewers. How sad!

Another thing that makes me sad is cancer. It seems that cancer is overtaking our society. I find it interesting that the more chemical plants we build, the more toxic dumping that takes place, the worse our quality of water and air become, and the greater amount of fast food we eat, the more cancer occurs. Cancer is no respecter of persons. You can be young, old, nice, mean, a family man, or a criminal - cancer doesn’t care. I’m sad.

Here is what makes me happy: “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Happy or sad; good or bad, God’s got me covered. My faith in Jesus Christ turns my frown upside down.