Oct. 21, 2017

Lessons Learned


"Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments." Psalm 119:73 

I had the privilege of participating in a friend's small business celebration. She began with a day care center, added after-school care, and recently expanded into tutoring. She's experienced great success. Her plan is to someday advance to the end of life needs by adding either an adult day care center for professionals needing help with aging parents or a full service nursing home. 

What an amazing idea!

I enjoyed meeting new people and sharing my products and services. I was able to sell copies of "Becky's Book," and prints of my original digital artwork. I had the best conversations with parents and kids visiting my booth. I shared my story with an eight-year-old and her four-year-old sister. They wanted to see my website, my Home Page picture, and the picture of my cheerleading years attached to one of my recent blogs. The eight-year-old looked at my cheerleading picture and said, "You look really different."  Out of the mouth of babes. Her four-year-old sister made certain that I knew  "Roni" is a boy's name. <smile>

I visited with other vendors learning more about them as people and as business professionals. I visited with the community manager of a new free-standing Walmart neighborhood market. I don't know about you but I think a smaller Walmart grocery store is a GREAT idea! While it is nice to go to a supercenter and purchase every need in one place, it is even better to run in and grab groceries without walking a mile. Just my opinion...

I met a chiropractor's assistant. I believe in chiropractic care. I've seen healing in both joints and muscles by utilizing chiropractic care. My sisters, who were professional nurses, called it "voodoo," so I didn't tell them when I went to a chiropractor.  <another smile>

A friend of mine had her LuLaRoe clothing for sale. Beautifully-comfortable clothing from a beautiful, spiritual soul. If you want her website information to shop, just let me know.

The Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families participated. They are a non-profit group working to strengthen children and their families, producing better results for all.  Amazing work from an amazing organization.

The day was intimate. The crowd was small but steady. My fellow vendors were preselected and knew their stuff. There wasn't any hard sells although we did conduct business transactions throughout the day. The best part was meeting new people and learning how different we can be while still having a great deal in common.

Some of the kids wanted to hear why I named my business "Lessons Learned." I explained to them, by showing my Home Page picture, that I've learned a great deal between the time I was that chubby little girl and now as a grandmother. I shared with them that my hope is to help people learn more about themselves by hearing about me and the life lessons I've learned.

 The kids were just amazed that I was ever a little girl.