Oct. 16, 2017

Do Over

If I could go back and do it all over,

Which we both know that I can’t,

I think I would listen more and not be so quick to rant.

If I could step back in time somehow

And find ways to impact your life,

I know that I would pray much more and point the way to Christ.

If I could turn back the hands of time…

If I could reword my information,

I would remind you that life’s greatest gift is Jesus’ free salvation.

I would focus less on works.

I would nurture your spiritual gifts.

If I could only go back to those days, perhaps I’d get my wish.

Our children are so dependent on us

To teach them how to yield to Christ.

They are not put into our world so we can relive our lives.

Whether it is a baby, a toddler

A teenager or a child,

It’s our obedience, not their behavior, that makes Christ Jesus smile.

I fear my advice to you

Was nothing more than dedicated religion.

It’s the bible, not the church, that should affect your every decision.

I think I focused on fitting in.

I think I taught you to do the same.

When you left our home, I’m afraid you forgot His name.

The thing that brings me comfort;

The thing that keeps me sane,

Is regardless of the mistakes I made, He never forgot your name. 

Parents do the best they can.

But sometimes, we mess up.

Parenting is a whole lot of faith and a little bit of luck.

If I could share what I’ve learned

Without preaching or advice,

We must remember each child is on loan and God controls their life.

We don’t know if we are given

A prodigal or a Timothy.

We do know that He whispers, “Mom, please depend on me.”

I think every parent questions

If what we taught “sticks?”

I pray for you every day and my faith depends on it.

I’ve heard you can lead a horse to water

But you cannot make him drink.

We can lead our child to Christ; we can’t tell them how to think.

None of us get do-overs.

Each of us must trust.

We must remember our child’s life is in His hands.

The outcome is not up to us.

*Poetry, writings, and artwork are copyrighted by the author/artist.