Oct. 14, 2017

Why all the fuss?

Wow. I must admit I never saw the argument coming. I love this picture. I suspect many of you are thinking, “Well, yea, that’s because you want to be Batman.” Not really. The truth is I want to be Batman somedays and a princess other days. I even enjoy my inner Cat Woman every now and then.  Tommy agrees. <blush>

The picture was posted on Facebook last week. I put the sign of the heart in response because I love the picture. Let me say again – I love this picture. What came next seemed out of left field to me. But, hey, I’ve been known to fly my flag in left field.

A woman came unglued that we are telling girls what to be and how to act. Really? That’s what you got from the picture? If she would have stopped there, I think most of us would have written it off. Yet, she went on ranting that she is tired of society telling girls they can’t be girls and there is something wrong with being a princess. Hmmmmm….I don’t know where this woman was born, but let me be honest, in the South I was never led to believe that I could be anything but a princess.

That’s when it dawned on me. Life is complicated. The bible seems complicated. Some choose to read and support the words that say, “Women should remain silent.” Others want to focus on Paul’s instructions for women to be submissive.

Can I let you in on a secret? It’s okay to be Batman, Batgirl, Supergirl, a princess, a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. The bible is full of situations that spells out that God is the Creator of human beings. He is not a dictator. He does not mass produce us. There are just as many verses talking about women in leadership, women as pastors, women as prophets, and women being equal to man in the eyes of God.

Here’s the other thing: You want women to sit down and be quiet in your church? Go for it. You will most likely draw women that are totally okay with sitting down and being quiet. You will lose women who know, like Judge Deborah of the Old Testament, that they were called for a fervent calling. Doesn’t make the princess a loser. It simply makes all women important in the eyes of God and, hopefully, in the eyes of the church of her choice.

May I share how the Facebook argument ended regarding this picture? The woman continued to rant that we need to stop telling little girls that there is something wrong with being feminine. Many others jumped in calling the woman names and debating her argument. Others simply said, “I think you misunderstood the meaning of the picture.” And, then, in one miraculous statement, the most spiritual lesson I’ve ever observed on Facebook was uttered. It came from little Batman’s dad.

He said*, “<Profanity> Lady, this is my daughter. All I want her to know is that it is okay for her to be herself. I love her as she is.” *Paraphrased

You know what? I can hear my Father God saying the exact same thing about me; just without the cuss word.