Oct. 7, 2017

You and Me

Do we all have lessons to learn?

Certainly! You be we do!

But, if we always try to please others

Who will play the part of “you?”

Are mistakes part of living?

Part of life? Part of growth?

We all fall short of His glory.

None of us should boast.

God created each of us

With everything we need.

While there are times we falter,

Honor Him by being “me.”

To do anything else;

To be anything else;

Is basically to say,

“God, You made a terrible mistake

When You created me this way.”

As I sit and think about who I am,

I know I sometimes get it wrong.

But, I also know He loves me.

His acceptance makes me strong.

He never shames or abandons me;

Though people often do.

He brings me back to help me remember.

By whispering, “Roni, just be you.”

So, love me; hate me; resent me; embrace me –

You must decide it for yourself.

If I try to be anything apart from Him,

I leave His masterpiece on a shelf.

Mistakes are not so deadly

That we must close all doors.

Failing to try is wasteful.

Here I am, Lord.

Use me.

I’m Yours.