Oct. 4, 2017

Who's in Control?

It broke my heart when I heard someone say,

“Those Christians? They won’t do anything but pray.”

So much carnage with a man and his guns.

(I’m wondering why anyone needs more than one?)

We claim to care and we claim to believe.

I’m not certain that’s what the world around us sees.

One side says guns are fun and simply for sport.

The other side cries too many people die and get hurt.

One side says it’s their God-given right.

The other side yells, “We’ll stand up and fight!”

The NRA claims to have our interests at heart.

Yet, the subject is one that tears us apart.

“Guns don’t kill people; people do.”

People with guns kill people – admit it; it’s true.

I’m just wondering if we can examine this hobby

And become more interested in lives than we are the gun lobby?

If you are so proud or afraid that your guns will be touched,

I really don’t hear you proclaiming Jesus too much.

You cannot partition your life into neat little stacks.

The stacks make it appear human compassion lacks.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The answer is always in the middle, my friend.

Instead of feeling boldened by gun crime,

Why don’t you just admit that it might be time

To work together to put some laws into place?

Valuing life; making each life a sacred space.

I know…I know…you live with the “what ifs?”

“What if we become a military state?”

Is that really it?

Or could it be that moderation challenges your ego?

And you’d rather risk life than to see some guns go?

When you are willing to listen and to clear your mind,

Why don’t you ask Jesus His opinion this time?

Instead of merely praying for the lives after they’re lost,

Let’s search for the Truth instead of debating our cause.