Sep. 29, 2017

Choose Forgiveness

I must forgive you; you know it’s true.

I must forgive you though I don’t want to.

You made a choice between honesty or lies.

You made the choice and I understand why.

I need to forgive you; Christ tells me so.

I need to forgive you and simply let go.

I must stop trying to be avenged.

I must admit we were never true friends.

If I had to guess, I think I’d say

We were fair-weathered friends for just a few days.

But, you are more than willing to throw me under the bus.

Your stories were lies and now there’s no trust.

As time goes on and I try to look back,

I know the easy answer was to point out what I lack.

I’ve been told what you’re saying and you know it’s not true.

But, both of us know I still must forgive you.

I’ve examined myself and ask my Lord for forgiveness.

My only hope is that He deals with both of us.

Our paths may never cross again.

With time, I may remember you as a friend.

Until that time, I will continue to pray.

I can no longer worry about what you will say.

*This poem is copyrighted along with all other contents of this website.