Sep. 29, 2017

Movin' on...

Immediately after graduating from high school, a good friend of mine put in a good word for me at an engineering company near Hobby Airport. Living in Deer Park, the commute was reasonable. The pay was fair and I liked the idea of working with my friend. I interviewed for the job of “receptionist” for the engineering company. I was offered the job during the first interview. I left the interview so excited! My mom took me shopping for lots of new clothes to begin my new job as a professional receptionist.

The first day I reported to work, I trained on the phone and received instructions on how to greet guests. It was a HUGE switchboard. I quickly learned how to manage over 100 phone lines at one time. All was going well until the head engineer called me into his office asking me to sit down and then handed me several college handbooks. I was confused.

He proceeded to tell me that the receptionist “never stays just a receptionist” and they needed to work with me on my plan to become a draftsman.  Huh? Needless to say, I was released with “no hard feelings” once I explained that drafting was never discussed in the interview and, quite frankly, I had absolutely no desire to be a draftsman.  I lost a friend over it. She was embarrassed that I didn’t go along with the plan. I was embarrassed no one explained the plan to me before I accepted the job.

I’ve had other employment opportunities; some good, some bad. Each one offered ways to increase my skills professionally and decrease my human nature spiritually. Walking by faith means exactly that – we walk (movement) by faith (reliance on God).

So, what are my “Lessons Learned” in my work experiences? I’ve learned that every experience offers a lesson to be learned if we are open to learning that lesson. We are all human. Miscommunication, personal health issues, a bad job match, and weak management happens every day. Jesus was straightforward in His instruction to move on when we are led to do so. For me, every role I take or have ever taken is about God; not myself. Whether I was a sixteen-year-old cash register attendant at Shipley’s or the Branch Manager of a staffing agency managing 250 employees, I walked by faith looking for ways to serve Him. When it was time to go, I left.

“Jesus replied, No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62