Sep. 21, 2017

The Delicate Dance to Determine Integrity and Character


I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God knew me before my mother ever gave birth to me. When I fail, He forgives me; all I must do is ask.  He removes my wrongdoings as far as the east is from the west. My name is written in His book and when He calls my name, I will enter eternity with Him.

Absolutely no one or nothing can change these facts or His opinion of me. No one.

I constantly pray and study about the difference between ego and integrity. Being a person who struggles with pride, I am probably too hard on myself. I have someone coaching me to understand that sharing and offering opinions does not constitute pride. I typically know when pride slips in and the desire to understand steps out.

My integrity has taught me to stand behind my words and actions knowing my reputation is built on my level of integrity. Ego takes a stand when I feel belittled or betrayed and can carve holes into my reputation. Humility is not stupid. Nor is it always silent. There was a time Jesus stood silent before His accusers and a time He spoke truth knowing the result would not be a good one.

Character starts with God’s creation called, “me.” Character defines who we are as an individual while integrity defines how we are within the masses. Integrity shines. It blinds some people because they don’t understand it. Character cares. Obsession over cares. I cannot make people like me, believe me, understand me, love me, accept me or accept Him. I can display what He has taught me when it comes to living for Him. Asking questions is not a sign of pride, it’s a sign of my willingness to learn and understand.

I’ve written before about how we often get sucked into black and white thinking believing that rules and laws guide our lives as opposed to His saving grace. Regimented people have their place but so do those of us who seek to connect by including others as opposed to offering the appearance that we are interrogating them.

Strong character understands and accepts that weaker people do not define our integrity. We define it for ourselves. And, as a wise friend told me recently, “There is a definite difference between responding and reacting. We usually regret our reactions but learn from our responses.” Thanks, friend.

God is working on me in the areas of integrity, character, pride, ego, caring, over caring, holding on, letting go, responding, reacting, listening, understanding and accepting.  If you have any words of wisdom, I’m open to listening. I just might not agree. <wink>

Get ready because I will definitely ask questions to fully understand your thoughts. That’s where I see your integrity and learn about your character. I’m sure you know by now that mine is in full view for all to see.