Sep. 20, 2017


Perfection isn’t something to be obtained.
Only one was perfect – Jesus is His name.
We can stress and strain with great regret
Or we can choose forgiveness and choose to forget.
Every story has two sides with each side containing amounts of truth.
Once we reach deep inside, hostility goes up in one big “poof!”
Years and years of shame and judgment finally took its toll.
What some may see as stubbornness, others see as being bold.
While compromise may solve conflict, truth and reason heals us all.
I asked you stop and listen because it wasn’t truth you saw.
Ego, anger, fatigue and pride all came crashing in.
Sadness, regret, emptiness inside, and a friendship comes to an end.
What is the message?
What is God saying?
What do we have to learn?
I most likely stayed a bit too long and disillusionment was all I earned.

By Roni Archer - September 20, 2017