Sep. 13, 2017

For the children...

My sons are spoiled rotten. My declaration will not surprise them. They know it. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Tommy and I have an amazing marriage. I'd like to say we discovered a magic formula. The truth is our marriage is a mixture of deep respect for one another and a spiritual commitment to marriage itself. When our children came along, they became the focus of our union. 

As with most marriages, we were both tempted to throw in the towel a couple of times but there were these three little boys. Their needs bypassed ours. That's not what spoiled them but they mattered more than life itself. I’m what spoiled them.

Our sons mattered more than frustration or temptation. There was an unspoken vow that we would do what it took to allow our sons to live the “Plan A” for their lives. Tommy and I were committed to providing our children with an optimal lease on life. We were very honest with them that we would get them to self-sufficiency and they would need to take it from there.  

Their ability to provide for themselves doesn't change the fact that they are spoiled. Tommy and I remain committed to them. Each of them are amazing men in their own unique ways.  

Someone once said that mothers typically wear blinders when looking at their children. Oh, contraire. I see clearly. I know they're not perfect, but they are very close.  

Seriously though, my sons turned into great men despite my efforts to remain in control of their lives. But, hey! How could they miss? Look at their dad.