Sep. 10, 2017

Goodnight - Goodbye - See You Later

Seasons come and seasons go.

People do the same.

Some will never leave your side.

Others forget your name.

There comes a time to put burdens aside

Not allowing the turmoil in.

To learn to enjoy life for a while.

Appreciating your real friends.

As I stand and assess my life,

One thing stands bold and true.

Regardless of friendships lost,

His love was always true.

It's the kindest and the softest things

That we easily overlook.

One solution to my stress

Was staying off Facebook.

We often become the builders

Of our own unhappiness.

If something causes more harm than good,

It's something we should forget.

Love is never ending

And must be protected at all cost.

Why not look at all you have 

Instead of focusing on what was lost? 

Smiles are free. Love is abundant.

We build our own happiness.

When life comes crashing in, my friend,

Learn to give your heart a rest. 

Turn off the tv and your computer.

Sit with God for just a bit.

Get off the merry go round of life

Remembering you are His,

Goodnight, goodbye, see you later…

Our ending is His to write.

Faith is less about the outcome

And is more about the fight.