Sep. 8, 2017

Just be patient...

Pink, rubber foam curlers. I was brought up sleeping in pink, rubber foam hair curlers. It was torture. Girls learn very early there is always a sacrifice for beauty. In my day (Wow! I feel old!), curling irons or hot rollers hadn’t hit the market. As a little girl, my mom permed my hair with Tonette and then rolled it tightly in pink rubber foam curlers.

It was difficult to sleep, but I managed. Then there was the issue of having to survive the removal of the hair curlers. My fine hair would embed itself into the foam rubber. My mother tried her best to slowly and gently unwrap my hair from the rollers, but tears were always involved. Like I said, girls learn very early that beauty comes before comfort.

As I watched TV recently, an ad came on for sleep rollers. I had to laugh. I spent my entire childhood wishing I could escape the requirement to sleep in rollers and celebrated the invention of heat rollers! Why in the world would they bring them back? There is a small improvement – the new rollers aren’t rubber foam and they’re not pink.

The interesting thing about life is, if we wait patiently, most things repeat themselves. Fashion, fad, and family practices seem to be cyclic. Divorce was once accepted. Now couples are trying hard to work it out and remain together. Bell bottoms experienced a comeback. I’m just waiting for Marilyn Monroe’s beautiful size 14 to come back into fashion.

God is with us. Regardless of the hurdle we face, the pain it causes, the sacrifice required, or the tears shed – just be patient. Joy always comes in the morning. I encourage us to take some time and read Psalm 30 in the weeks ahead. The key to survival in this life and blessings in our afterlife is our ability to hold on to our faith during the tough times. Don’t despair. Our pain only serves to mold us more into His image.

Hey! Maybe church attendance will roll back around and become fashionable again?  It could happen.