Sep. 6, 2017

Pull over, please...


I’ve ended my spiritual career as the world’s morality police. I don’t know if I resigned or retired. God knows.

As a young child, adolescent, and older teenager, I wasn’t a member of the morality police. I spent time making personal faith discoveries through Christ and defining my faith. My church helped me, but so did my mom and dad. My life experiences also helped shape my faith. I didn’t become the morality police until I entered my 20’s.

When I entered my 20’s, my denomination convinced me that the answer to all the world’s questions were taught at my church. Only at my church. We frowned upon the Catholics. We frowned upon the Protestant churches that did not dunk their members. We studied other world religions pointing out everything they do wrong. This is when I was asked to enlist in God’s police force.

With the encouragement of my denomination, I set out to set the world straight. I was given my marching orders, which consisted of finely memorized scripture that I would say just the right way at just the right time. My role was to convict people of their sin. I mean, we didn’t exactly say that out loud but we were convinced we had cornered the market on God’s law.

No one was issued a ticket for God’s grace until they entered into agreement with my denomination. If they did not step into the building, walk the aisle, pray the right prayer, and follow through with my denomination’s style of baptism, they simply did not get the grace ticket.

We felt sorry for all those other denominations who got it wrong. We knew they thought they had the salvation ticket, but they didn’t. We knew for sure because we were the morality police.

The Lord led me out of my denomination for 18 months and it was one of the most exciting spiritual experiences of my life. Wow! All these other people do know what they are talking about! Their denomination focuses on different marching orders. Our marching orders come from the same bible. We enact them in diverse ways. I thought I had a long and fruitful career as a policewoman until I worked undercover in other denominations. I knew I could never go back to my days in the morality police.

My denomination friends struggled with my new-found freedom and my renewed spiritual vision. They didn’t understand why I would question their tactics? Some questioned my grace ticket wondering if it truly would see me through eternity. I no longer look like them. I no longer think like them. Hmmm…perhaps they think I am a rogue cop?

I hope more of my denomination and denominations like it will open their spiritual eyes to God’s amazing grace. I hope they stop singing it as a song and put it into play. I hope they stop focusing on God’s law and do what Jesus did – focus on God’s love and grace. Instead of playing God, I hope we will follow biblical orders and spread Christ.

I’ve moved out of the morality police and move into meaningful peace. I discovered it through Christ; not through the church I attend. 10-4? Over and out.