Sep. 6, 2017

Dream Catcher

Shallow hearts and shallow minds will never change the world.
Nor will numbness to life’s pain and insults as they’re hurled.
If we truly believe in humanity, we must see all people’s worth.
If we believe our rights are more important than others, our witness will be hurt.
We cannot ask for our own forgiveness while seeking to punish the rest.
Forgiveness when it’s not asked for is forgiveness at its best.
One says to me that she feels ostracized for a lifestyle she can’t change.
Yet, she is more than willing to reject others saying it’s not the same.
Some believe they are taking our jobs, but we really should check our words.
The fact of the matter is these people are this generation’s entrepreneurs.
They are not taking your jobs, my friend, they are creating their very own.
They are paying taxes; they are employing others. They are even buying homes.
The older I get the more I realize just how unfair we are.
We want everything for ourselves and seem to care less for those struggling near and far.
One side says to close the borders; the other cries to let them in.
My prayer is that we realize these extremes typically reflect our sin.
Christ taught a world of balance; a world where His children share.
Christ asked us to love the least of these, but for some reason we don’t care.
The question of borders is quite simple if we will simply work together.
The ones that are here should be given preference as the system is overhauled forever.
If we begin to shut out those who really had no choice,
We will experience self-decay and the world will ignore our voice.
Some want to put down the messenger; others want to stand in one accord.
The answer is so obvious – why don’t we ask the Lord?
What would Jesus do and what will He say as He sees our futile acts?
He calls for everyone to hear His message before He’s coming back.
Christianity is shooting itself in the foot as we fold our arms in protection.
Read the Bible – the New Testament, please. We aren’t being Christ’s reflection.
Shallow hearts and shallow minds will never change the world.
Only when we embrace all God’s children will we see His love unfurl.

Roni Archer - September 4, 2017