Aug. 29, 2017

What's right?

I am a real-life mystery junky. I love to watch TV shows like Dateline and 48 Hours. I enjoy hearing how cases are solved; the thought process and steps taken in the case.  I try not to focus too much on the demented minds committing the crime as much as I focus on the brilliant ones solving them. I find it interesting that law enforcement will say something like, “Yea, when he found his wife dead, he just didn’t act right.” Or, “When she called 911 to report her husband missing, the words she chose just weren’t right.”

What’s right during a crisis?

I’ve been asking that question 24-hours a day lately. I searched for my own answers during Hurricane Harvey. I am typically “Miss Fix-it,” but I found myself totally okay with doing nothing; just waiting for the storm to subside. I must admit that there were times that I felt guilty thinking, “Why aren’t I out there running around trying to fix something? What’s wrong with me?”

Much of my reaction is due to being part of an emergency response family. My husband has been a volunteer firefighter and chemical plant safety person for…. well, a lot of years! One son is a soldier who has endured 7 deployments and survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident. My middle son is a Houston Fire Fighter and spent more time worrying about his brothers covering long hours than he did about himself. And, my baby is part of New York City’s Department of Emergency Management staff. It dawned on me. My role is to remain calm. My role is to remain at home and to be supportive. My role is to be there when the heroes call and need a listening ear.

The main lesson I’ve learned through this entire experience is all of us should be ourselves realizing none of us look alike or act alike. We shouldn’t feel pressure to perform. We shouldn’t be trying to call attention to ourselves or our efforts. We shouldn’t feel guilty that we stayed home.

In times of catastrophe, the strength of people surface as do our weaknesses. I finally had to go in my bedroom, close the door, turn out the lights and listen to praise music. For me, it was all too much and circumstances called that I stop, pray, listen, and trust.

Comic relief. God prompted me to go funny; not serious.

The bible teaches we are many parts of One Body. As a hand, I can’t tell the foot they aren’t pulling their weight.  As a foot, I can’t condemn the mouth. Each of us need the freedom to exercise the gifts God has given us. Everyone needs to be themselves.

Be you. Do you. That’s what pleases God and pleasing God is what is ultimately right.