Aug. 21, 2017

Who am I?

All I wanted was what was best for my country. Sure, I was born into a family of privilege, but I worked hard for all that I achieved. Just ask all of those who worked for me. I was a builder and expanded wealth across the land.

My main goal was to protect my country from those who wished to do it harm. I had to point out and deal with the fact that foreigners were taking over my country. Something had to be done! I was strong enough and brave enough to do it. My people depended on me.

I was most likely one of the most polarizing leaders of my time. What some saw as “success,” others saw as “cruelty.” You can’t please all the people all the time. My goal was my people, putting my country first, and looking out for the financial security of the future.

I’ve been dissected and gossiped about throughout the ages. I was under the microscope with every decision I made. I need to tell you – I got a lot of bad press. The writers and reporters of the day were one sided and refused to give me a chance.

Who am I? I am Herod the Great. I went down in history as being one of the cruelest leaders of Christ’s time. I had no problem killing those irritating Hebrew babies. You know a leader must protect his country from outsiders before they gain too much power. After all, they were nothing but trouble makers.

Don’t believe everything you read about me in the Bible or most of what was written by scholars and historians. I was simply misunderstood. As anyone who really knew me and supported me knows, it was all fake news.