Aug. 21, 2017

End of Days


Are we living in the end times? Just about every Christian is asking this question these days. Is this it? Is Jesus coming back soon? How will we know?

Regardless of God’s timetable, which He assured us no one would know or be able to figure out, every generation since the first generation after Christ’s death believed Jesus would return any minute. In fact, on the island of Patmos, the Apostle John believed his writings were short-term instructions. He believed Christ’s return was just around the corner.

Many say, “Oh, but it has to be soon. Things are simply too bad to ignore. All of the signs are there.” Yep. Heard that before. Think about WWI, WWII, the Cuban Missile Crisis, hippies, women’s liberation, civil rights, the list goes on and on and on. Every generation is convinced the trials and tribulation of their generation are the labor pains referred to in the Book of Revelation.

So, what am I saying? Am I saying those of you predicting this is it are wrong? Am I saying that any pulpit preacher or TV evangelist declaring warnings of what is on its way is wrong?  Absolutely not!

I don’t know when Jesus will return. That’s not really what I think He wants me to figure out. I think Jesus wants me to decide what I plan to do in the meantime?

The truth is we are all in our end days. From the moment we were born, our bodies begin dying. Morbid, but true. I don’t know how many days I have left. Between race wars, dirty politicians, the Korean threat, the war continuing to go on in the Middle East, polluted water and polluted air, or my own mortality – I can’t say when “The End” will arrive.

All I know is that I better remain vigilant, prepared, and working until I die or He gets here. When Christ declares, “I’ve arrived,” I want to exclaim, “I’m ready!”

PS Many of you - many, many, many of you - have texted or messaged me in regards to Christ's coming. Please do not think for a moment this blog is a passive way to debate your feelings. This blog was written a long time ago and is just now being shared.