Aug. 19, 2017

A Night at the Theatre

What did I learn from attending the play The Bodyguard at the Hobby Center? Yea, I know – I need to relax more and not make every experience a lesson to be learned. Sorry. Can’t. It’s just who I am.

My first lesson was I can still walk quite a long distance in high heels, including through a parking garage and up/down steps. Without falling.

My second lesson was the comforting truth that my husband, of over 40 years, and I can still have fun. Even when it means singing loudly in the lobby of the Hobby Center with hundreds of on lookers. They, too, were laughing so I guess you could say we were the opening act for the show.

My third lesson came by observing human behavior when people are packed tightly together. It is fun for some (like my husband of over 40 years), irritating to others (like the lady that seemed perturbed each time someone needed to scoot past her to take a potty break), and it presents a great lesson in patience as the young women behind us drank more and more wine and grew louder and louder as part of their “celebration.”

As for me, it was a way for me to be uncomfortable when people are too close for comfort teaching me to be kind when I want to yell, “Hey, lady! That’s my arm rest!”

I also learned the astonishing truth that Tommy and I can stay up past 9:00 p.m. We don’t turn into pumpkins!

The most important lesson I learned from The Bodyguard was based on relationships. Sibling rivalry is never good and can be instigated by parents. Children need both a father figure and a mother figure in their lives. We all need to sing and dance more often just for the heck of it. Most importantly, not all relationships are meant to work out.

Two very good people can make a really bad relationship. There are times we need to call it quits if we are truly going to be fully ourselves.

This coming from someone who has been married for over 40 years, right? The reason our marriage has lasted stems from our refusal to be in love with love. We chose instead to form a partnership with the right person. Guess what? It works.