Aug. 17, 2017


You want it real?
Let’s keep it real.
I do not understand.
How do I feel?
I’ll tell you how I feel.
How can you continue to defend this man?
If you continue to believe this man is innocent,
I’ll continue to struggle with your choices.
There’s no excuse for looking the other way.
You’re choosing to ignore many voices.
The truth is so damn obvious.
This isn’t a matter of party.
I’m so sick of “party” I could spit.
This is an issue of morality.
You want it real?
I’m making it real.
I received word just now
That a very sweet and gentle man
Was jumped by our President’s clowns.
When someone from a lighter race
Stepped in to assist,
The thugs went after both of them!
How in the hell did it come to this?
I’ll pray for God to intervene.
I’m trying so hard to apply forgiveness.
We seem to have completely lost our minds.
Folks, we cannot live like this!
If you think every news station
Except for one is totally against this man,
You are more gullible than I ever imagined and
I’m going to take a stand.
I am so grateful for a leak called, “Deep Throat,”
And for Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.
I will never say, “shut down the press,”
Regardless of all I’ve seen.
I’ve thought about it for over a year.
I’m ready to say it aloud:
You gave into real hate and fake fear.
We are all paying for it now.
I’ll lose friends and offend my family.
I can’t believe or act any other way.
I need you to understand and hear me –
I will no longer cushion what I must say.

By Roni Archer