Aug. 16, 2017

Burning Bridges

I’ve been known to burn a few bridges. I’ve also been known to build a few.

I tend to fight for as long as I can and then I retreat, leaving the results up to the Lord. No one agrees with someone else 100% of the time. Well, no human. I strive to agree with God 100% of the time, but my sin gets in the way. The Bible says to know what is right and not do it is sin. Just as true is to know what is wrong and do it anyway. Both choices constitute sin.

I think we often forget that fact. I think we often think if we are trying to do right and end up doing something wrong, God overlooks the blunder. The Bible teaches us that, while man looks at the outside, God looks inwardly. He knows our motives and our intentions. We cannot pull the wool over God’s eyes. He is the Great Shepherd so He knows wool when He sees it.

I don’t think there have been too many people in my life that blatantly set out to hurt me; a few, but not many. I also hope people know me well enough to know that, while my mouth often gets in the way, my heart loves most everybody. I can’t say, “everybody,” or I would be lying and know that I am lying, so that’s a sin.

Yes, I’ve burnt my fair share of bridges. There aren’t too many bridge burnings that I regret. As I look back at the missing bridges, I know that God will rebuild them if it is in His will and in everyone’s best interest. After all, He is a carpenter. Building bridges and rebuilding bridges comes very naturally to Him.