Aug. 14, 2017

"Why don't you quote scripture more often?"

Over the course of five years, I developed and maintained three different blog sites. The first one was called, “Come as You Are,” until I started receiving pornographic materials and discovered that search also leads to an “alternative living” site.  Delete.

The second blogsite was entitled, “Search or Support.”  S.O.S., which explains my email being

I discovered, through writing, that I was very angry.  Let me rephrase that observation…I was very, very angry. I deleted “Search or Support” and took a sabbatical to regroup and resolve issues that were driving my angry and condemning writing. After a few short months, a friend of mine contacted me and said, “I miss your blogs.”  Another person who followed “Search or Support” emailed me and said, “What happened to your blogs?” A third prayer partner contacted me and stated, “I believe it is time for you to start up your blog again.”

I’ve always looked at the number “3” as being the perfect number to prompt my spiritual movement. The Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is my guide. Every major decision in my life has required three unsolicited suggestions or leadings. (Ok, don’t gang up against me. Don’t think, “Hey, I’ll find three people to tell her to stop writing!”)

When I wrote for the Deer Park Broadcaster in the 1990’s, every column started with or ended with a bible scripture reference. It worked for me then and worked for my readers. Research based on the feedback to my newspaper column, “Freely Female,” showed that the bulk of my readers were churched men. Interesting, huh? I always suspected that I allowed them to be challenged spiritually but not publicly.  It worked for ten years.

Through a variety of hurts and three (yes, three) devastating disappointments in ministry, I made the decision (and had three people agree) that God called me to the unchurched or the church drop out. I once prayed, “Lord, help my children understand they need to be faithful to church.” God surprised me. What He did instead was to show me that I needed to see religion and church from my sons’ eyes (by the way, I have three sons). Once I stepped back and took a hard look, I didn’t blame my sons for separating themselves from formal religion or churches. (I’m tempted to say, “clubs,” but I am really trying to be tactful these days. Three people suggested I should.)

So, through my writing years, searching years, years of supporting the struggling, willingness to change denominations, efforts to “go back home” to my childhood church three (yes, three) times, and three devastating disappointments (oh, yea…already said that), here I am. My blog is my pulpit. My congregation is anyone willing to read it. My God is my guide and my calling is to empathize with anyone who gave up on this “church thing” but still wants to “assemble;” all be it by social media.

The number one question my church friends ask is, “Why don’t you quote scripture more often?” To show I am not prejudice against faithful church attenders, although I will admit I definitely have a bias against them, I am going to answer your question despite my blog not being directed to you:

Because I encourage people to read the bible and search for answers themselves. Many contact me privately to ask for translation suggestions, bible reading plans, and key verses to support them when they are going through tough times.

I stopped bible thumping a long time ago. We have enough bible thumpers and it isn’t working for the masses.