Aug. 13, 2017




Assuming is a dangerous habit. You’ve probably heard the saying that when we assume we make an “ass out of me and you.” Ass u me; get it?  I can say ass.  It’s in the bible.

We often live our lives based on assumption. We assume we know what we need to know. We assume we know what other people ought to know. We assume we know it all and have no room to grow.

Assumption is a truth killer.

I am training my brain to never assume. I call on God to help me walk step by step, day by day. I pray that instead of assuming, I will live with an attitude of anticipation. I want to live in anticipation believing God will teach me something new every day regardless of my age. I want to anticipate ongoing spiritual growth casting aside any misled assumptions. I want to be better and bolder one year from now.

Anticipation is the polar opposite of assuming. When we assume, we believe we know it all and move full steam ahead in our own knowledge. Anticipation allows us to wait, to learn, to see, and to experience God’s direction each day of our lives.

I no longer assume I know what I am doing, but God does. I acknowledge and admit that I have a lot to learn. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to be an ass. You know – a hard-headed, hard-hearted donkey?

What? Did you think I meant something else? Never assume!