Aug. 10, 2017

Can't Go Home

Things are happening every day; peace cannot be easily returned.
There are too many memories over the years of how I was hurt and burned.
Nice people do mean things and for that we must move on.
Mean people do nice things making it harder to discern.
Gangs are prevalent in the church as they gang up against their foe;
Never realizing the true enemy isn’t someone that they know.
The enemy attacks all of us – each and every one.
Learning lessons the hard way is never really fun.
There are times I pause and I look back wondering if I exaggerated;
Only to re-engage again becoming more and more frustrated.
You can’t teach old dogs new tricks and you cannot change plastic people.
The stalest of spirits and hardest of hearts often gather under steeples.
Some get mad when I voice what I observe, feeling that I’m attacking all.
That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I just know exactly what I saw.
I’ve seen people calling themselves Christian leaders who never really lead.
All they do is rally the troops smothering anyone who wants to breathe.
I must face the difficult truth that I can never go back home.
All that I remember, so many memories – all of that is gone.
And what's in its place is very fake and very ineffective.
It’s a group of Sunday gatherers who do the minimal of what is expected.
They think alike; they act the same; they are so afraid to ask any questions.
They are told what to believe, how they should see, and must travel the same direction.
They look no more like Jesus than did the Pharisees of old.
They are arrogant, full of ego, and their hearts are cold – not bold.
I can never go home and I am realizing that I really never wanted to.
I just really tried to find redeeming love in those who claim to follow You.
We go to our corners. We lock our doors. (Spiritually; not with a key.)
We shut out anyone who doesn’t see the world as we want the world seen.
We limit our groups to “like thinkers” while claiming we are “open.”
All the while, the youngest in the group feel as though they’re spiritually choking.
But, the adults will pat themselves on the back saying, “Look at us! We’re good.”
They go through the motions without controversy (not even asking if they should).
Challenge, growth, and learning new things isn't something they choose to do.
We don’t know what we don’t know; yet, we think we know pure truth.
As long as our hearts are closed to learning more and more each day,
I’ve made a lasting decision that some are best for me an arm’s length away.
A swell is coming; I’m not looking back but everything will change.
The church as Christ’s Holy Body will reclaim their unblemished name.
I want to be on the forefront of the necessary change as it comes.
Although I realize being a pioneer is never really fun.
I don’t share these things to boast at all; quite the opposite is true.
As you watch me disappear, my friend, it’s about me and what God has assigned me to do.
If you don’t understand those words, my friend, the conversation is all for naught.
Jesus suffered and bled, my friend, with His blood my life was bought.
I owe absolutely everything to Him regardless of who walks this road with me.
We can part civilly, my friend, but I won’t cling to you ignoring what I see.
God is good. God is love. God wants every soul brought to Him for salvation.
We are too busy to evangelize, but find the time to criticize younger generations.
Church, wake up! Church, wake up! You are losing your Godly power.
You’re light will be snuffed out, my friends, when His wrath comes down like a shower!
What we seem to have forgotten or maybe not realized is that He will judge us too –
Each man, each woman, and every accountable child for what we did or didn’t do.
So, I simply cannot go back home, my friends. Those relationships are in the past.
For me to be what He needs, superficial relationships will not and cannot last.
I’m okay and I want you to be okay knowing that we’ll see one another again.
We will find peace and harmony when we enter Heaven together as friends.
Until then, I can’t and won’t go back pretending all is well.
I cannot possibly sit back, my friends, and watch your behavior lead the lost straight to hell.
I can’t go home. I won’t go home. It may feel hateful that I’m pulling away.
The truth is I am drawing closer to Him to see what He has to say.
His revelation carries much more weight with me than any denominational thought.
Sadly, some of you will wake up in hell, my friends, never knowing it was you that was lost.

Roni Archer - August 10, 2017