Aug. 9, 2017

The Zone

I want to live a quiet life.

A life free from drama.

Such a peaceful, quiet life

That I’m called “No-Drama Mama.”

A life where gossip does not exist;

And hatred has no room.

A life that cares for others;

And where love instantly blooms!

A life where there are no cheaters;

A life that’s full of trust.

No blasts on social media;

Since that never helps us very much.

I want to fill my life with laughter

Developing a zone of happiness.

I want my conversation to reveal

I know that I am blessed.

To live this life, there will be choices

Regarding those that I let in.

This life requires close examination

Of my family and of my friends.

A quiet life involves telling others

To leave their drama at the door.

Knowing that others will certainly slip

And I’ll need to remind them just once more.

I want to live a quiet life

And teach younger women to do the same.

I want to remember that I am the only one

Who either makes or breaks my name.

I want to share that bitterness kills

And pettiness hurts as well.

I want to remind everyone

That negativity is a spell.

I want to live a quiet life –

A life that is solidly stable.

Yes, I want a very quiet life. 

The question is, “Am I able?”

For those of us who want the quiet life

We know that we must choose.

To accomplish this quiet life,

We cannot watch the news.


*Poetry is copyrighted along with all content of this website.