Jul. 29, 2017

Fair and Free

Strong women know their strengths.

Weak women don’t.

Strong women will forgive.

Weak women won’t.

Weak women gossip.

Strong women share.

Weak women ignore the need.

Strong women care.

Weak women focus on

The outer man.

Strong women rely on God

Following His plan.

Strong women trust the Lord

With all their hearts.

Weak women won’t trust themselves

And they wander in the dark.

Strong women dodge

The weak man’s darts.

Weak women win

The weak man’s heart.

Weak women are molded

By society’s whims.

Strong women cling to Christ

As their soul’s best friend.

Weak women don’t care for

Strong women very much.

Strong women could care less –

They have the Master’s touch.

Weak women try to stifle

A strong woman’s victory.

Instead of loving sisters

They behave as enemies.

The answer for both is to

Use the gifts they’re given.

Yielding to God;

Not needing man’s permission.

I’m not sure that my message

Is coming across clearly:

Whether weak or whether strong,

Our Father loves us dearly!

It’s okay for the weak to say,

“The strong life is not for me.”

But, in turn, please be fair

And let your sisters break free.

*Poetry is copyrighted along with all content of this website.