Jul. 27, 2017


Strong men lead.

Weak men whine.

Weak men cower.

Strong men shine.

Strong men accept.

Weak men blame.

Strong men assist.

Weak men call names.

Strong men cooperate.

Weak men ambush.

Weak men manipulate.

Strong men encourage us.

Weak men lie.

Strong men speak.

Weak men shun.

Strong men reach.

Strong men pray.

Weak men insist.

Weak men dictate.

Strong men enlist.

Weak men run away

From what strong men face.

Strong men value

What weak men erase.

Strong men embrace

While weak men discriminate.

Weak men bring chaos.

Strong men evaluate.

Weak men see

Everything as bleak.

Strong men work hard.

Weak men hide behind tweets.

Want to differentiate between

A weak and strong man?

Just look around at

Their circle of friends.

*Poetry is copyrighted along with all content of this website.