Jul. 25, 2017

Through It All

When I stop to think about it,
It really is quite true.
What you fear is going to break you
Serves to build a stronger you.
When I allow myself to listen,
I hear my God’s soft voice.
He guides me gently along the way.
He shows me the right choice.
When I remember how it felt then,
Knowing the turmoil and the pain.
I would remain on the path I’ve taken.
I would want everything the same.
When I recall the words that were said,
All the good and all the bad.
I know it served to make me who I am.
How could that possibly make me sad?
When I make the choice to let go
And am brave enough to walk away,
It’s in those times I realize
God has more He wants to say.
So, I will stop.
And I will listen.
I will remember and recall.
As I do so, I do so realizing
God walks with me through it all.

By Roni Archer - July 25, 2017