Jul. 24, 2017

I want to act my age; not a day older.

I’ve been watching the decade documentaries on CNN.  (I know. They’re the devil and fake news.)

CNN completed filming a four-decade series including The Sixties, The Seventies, The Eighties and The Nineties. What I find most amazing is not much has changed.

Oh, the players change. We moved from hippies to yuppies. The styles change and then come back around. My mother used to say we shouldn’t throw any clothes away because they always come back in style.

There is controversy on television. Every. Single. Decade. The entertainment industry fights with the government. Their arguments just take on different faces and revolve around different issues.

Through every decade, the young act young. Which gets me to my point. I’m kind of tired of seeing, reading, and hearing people my age complaining about anyone under the age of 35. Seriously, do we really think we are the only generation that doesn’t agree with the generation following us? Now, that’s fake news.

Newsflash: the younger generation isn’t supposed to think like their parents and grandparents. Did you? Probably so if the generation gap shocks you.

The young act young. I really hate to see it when the young act old. Being young disappears with each day and every year. We tell our sons to be young while they are young because they have plenty of time to be old.

What I hate even more is to the see the old act old. While confidence comes with age, so does complaining. Sorry. I’m blunt.

I don’t want to be old. I want to age gracefully until God says, “Roni, times up!” I want to continue making new discoveries about myself and the world around me. I want to be able to wake up every morning knowing I am better and stronger than the day before. I don’t want to be a grumpy old woman.

I hope I will remind myself of patience, grace, love, sincerity, positivity, and growth as I grow older. I’m kind of concerned the odds are against me. After all, I hang around a lot of old people.  <wink>