Jul. 20, 2017

I don't get it...

I’m blonde. The truth is I am a bottle blonde. I was born blonde and I use a bottle to keep it that way. After all, I grew up hearing that “blondes have more fun!”

I’ve been the subject of blonde jokes. If I say, for example, “I am confused.”  Someone replies, “Blonde moment?” If I ask too many questions, someone will ask me, “Feeling a bit blonde today?” It’s okay. I’m having more fun.

There is something that I don’t get and I don’t think it has anything to do with being blonde. How can mothers abandon their children? I’m not referring to mothers who physically abandon their children. While there was a time when incidences such as this seemed to be increasing, for a mother to physically abandon her child, I believe she must feel desperate and hopeless.

I’m talking more about Christian mothers who abandon their children spiritually and emotionally when those children make bad decisions or choose lifestyles outside of the mother’s realm of acceptance. How do you look your child in the eyes, no matter their age, and say, “I want nothing to do with you?”

I don’t get it.

Unfortunately, I see spiritual and emotional abandonment more often than I’ve witnessed physical desertion. I know mothers who are full of the Holy Spirit that reject their children when their children reject childhood teachings. It’s as if that mother fully believes her child, again regardless of age, is a clone of herself. I think we often forget that the umbilical cord is cut for a reason. The reason it is cut is to allow the child to be a living, breathing, functioning human being on its own.

Over ten years ago, a Christian mother shared publicly over the Internet that her son and his girlfriend came to her house one day and shared the girl just had an abortion. The mother publicly shamed this young man and attacked the young woman on the Internet after throwing them out of her house saying, “I never want to see you again! You killed my grandchild!”

I don’t get it. When I tried to reason with the mother explaining that I didn’t understand her response and perhaps she might want to invite the kids back over and discuss it calmly, I was attacked for not condemning the young couple’s actions.

The mother still avoids me today, but that's okay because I still don't get it.

On the flip side, I know a Christian mother whose teenage son confided in her that he believes he is gay. While the announcement produced every emotion, and was in direct conflict with the mother’s spiritual beliefs, she did not shun or abandon her son. She is walking the path with him. After all, she is his mother and he is her son.

I’m just curious – do you think God abandons us when we don’t do what He wants us to do? Do you think our Heavenly Father gives any examples of shunning His children and sending us away without continuing a relationship? Seriously. What do you think? I know Adam and Eve were tossed out of the Garden of Eden, but they were not tossed aside. God remained intimately involved in their lives.

I understand disagreeing with children’s decisions. I understand being disappointed. But, I do not understand throwing our kids away when they aren’t performing in a way we find acceptable. Perhaps you get it since you aren’t blonde?