Jul. 19, 2017


Nestled away in the Texas Hill Country lies the small Texas town of Utopia. It’s a beautiful drive through the hills, which seem like mountains to those of us from the Gulf Coast. On July 4th, following small town tradition, they host a fantastic fireworks show.

It’s just hard to make a living in this perfect, little town.

FOX News offers us our own little Utopia. If we could just live the life FOX News lives, the world will be a better place. It’s a land where everything we want to believe is true; everybody lies but us; and, everyone else is to blame for our failures.

It’s a place where our President is an enormous success. It's a place where it is declared that everyone is against him and nobody will give him a chance. This, despite him winning the election. This, despite him having a majority-led House and Senate. Every other news station is lying to us – well, they're reporting fake news according to FOX News. FOX News has cornered the market on fair, moral, balanced, and real reporting. They tell the truth and nothing but the truth. According to them.

Their real reporting talks about vital life issues such as do Republicans tip better than Democrats. Real reporting says it is everybody else’s fault that nothing can get done in our government. Donald Trump gets a pass on every poor decision, past failure, and his pitiful behavior.

Women lie. The Clintons are Satan’s children. Obama is a Muslim. Democrats are troublemakers. But, President and First Lady Trump are shining examples of the American way. Because of their perceived superiority, they can do no wrong and no one else does anything right. According to them.

FOX News is totally okay with President Trump’s ongoing tweets because, after all, he is President and we should respect him. We should respect him, if for no other reason, because of the office he holds. FOX News wants us to respect the Office of President. Now. Not four years ago. Now. Not eight years ago. Now.

The greatest indication that FOX News is creating its own little Utopia is the viewers who watch don’t have to worry about their constant feeding of one-sided news. The viewers don’t have to turn the channel because everyone else is going to lie to them. And, it’s totally okay that most of their viewers sit on the couch hour after hour, day after day, and are fed on FOX News’ angry, but "Christian," perspective. 

I'm not saying FOX News is all wrong; quite the opposite. I am saying there is truth and lies everywhere...even in Utopia. Too much of anything has a negative effect on us. Too much broccoli is bad for us. Too much sunshine is dangerous. Good things turn bad when they overtake our joy and common sense.

Turn the channel. Better yet, turn off the T.V. 

The problem with a utopia is it is a fantasy. Life is not a utopia. There is danger in the mountains (or hills). There are twists and turns that are quite treacherous on the road of life. You do have to make a living regardless of how you vote, how well you read, or your gender. Fireworks on the 4th of July may be beautiful, but fireworks in real life are dangerous. Especially in the hands of someone who has no earthly idea what they are doing.