Jul. 15, 2017

Sadness Still

It began as something simple;
But, quickly took a turn for the worse.
It really doesn’t matter who said what –
The end game was many got hurt.
The bible tells us over and over
To always watch our words.
Anger can rear its ugly head and
We quickly forget we are the Lord’s.
Friendships are lost and can’t be salvaged;
Far too much was said.
And, what did we really accomplish?
We watched a friendship go dead.
It isn’t that some matter more than the others.
God’s will is what matters the most.
We made our points, but in the confusion
Something much greater seemed to be lost.
If I could go backwards, I would simply let go.
I wouldn’t engage in the senseless exchange.
The truth is there is no reason to argue –
Grownups seldom change
Now what do we do? What can be said?
The tapes cannot be rewound.
If we had a chance to do it again,
Perhaps a solution could be found.
Let me just say that I have regrets.
Something tells me I’m not the only one.
But, then I realize friendship is tough.
And, truth isn’t always fun.
Time can be a great healer, so let’s give it time.
Let’s allow distance to work it all out.
If too much damage was already done,
Perhaps we’ll learn to monitor our mouth?

Roni Archer - July 15, 2017