Jul. 15, 2017

Change Happens

One thing that life guarantees is change. Well, and death – life guarantees death. Hebrews 9:27 says death is an appointment we all must keep. I’m still hoping for the rapture and Christ’s return to prove the theory incorrect. Just kidding.

We vacation in the Texas Hill Country every summer. It’s been a family favorite for over 25 years. The lodging has changed from year to year and decade to decade. What was once a pop-up camper turned into a self-contained RV. With time and money (once the kids graduated from college, we got a raise), we moved up to a rental home. So far, it’s my favorite; although those camping years are near and dear to my heart.

Every year brings more progress. The trip was once all about nature, but capitalism hit the Frio River turning it into quite the tourist destination. I realize that’s a good thing because other families can build their own memories. That’s always a good thing.

Shuttle buses, rented tubes, cooler barges, and canopies in the river are some signs of progress. Landowners charging for parking lessens the feeling of nature. Crowds on the river weaken the feelings of escape. It is still a great vacation.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the change in TV sitcoms. Family sitcoms once gave us something to aspire to – smart parents, loving children, stay-at-home moms (if they chose), professional careers (if they preferred), and valuable lessons with each episode. It appears now the challenge is to provide the best in bathroom humor, dysfunction, and sexual innuendoes.

Back to the original thought: Change is inevitable. I’m banking on crowds and crudeness going out of style and wholesome family fun returning as the norm in TV entertainment as well as on the river. I suspect there is a better chance that I will live to see Christ’s return.

Father, forgive us. Somehow, we decided rudeness, drunkenness, and crudeness is fun. Am I showing my age? Perhaps it would better for me to pray for an attitude adjustment? Change me, Lord. Amen.