Jul. 9, 2017

Blinded to see...

“There is a darkness which comes from excess of light, and then is the time to listen.”  Oswald Chambers

I read the statement above several times before I got it. When reading anything written in an era long ago, such as the words of Oswald Chambers, I find myself reading it first to hear it. Then I read it to absorb it. Then I read it to understand it. I read it. Meditate upon it and then I read it again to repeat it. Here is what I think Oswald Chambers is telling us: The more we know, the more we see. The more we see, the darker the world becomes. When we get to that point of diving in and willingly examining life from Christ’s perspective, then it is time to listen to Him.

The more we expose ourselves to Christ’s teachings and lifestyles, the more we realize how terribly dark the world is spiritually. Sadly, many of us proclaiming to be of Christ are contributing to the darkness; not dispelling it.

How do we listen? Do we listen to learn or listen to argue? Do we read to understand or seek to prove our point? What did Jesus do? I’ve shared over and over again that our sole question and soul responsibility is to ask: How would Christ react?

When I entered seminary, I fully expected to be a straight “A” student. After all, I knew it all. I was brought up as a bible-carrying Baptist that memorized scripture so that I could always be in season and out of season to give an answer for that which I believe. (2 Timothy 4:2)

I seemed to like preaching a lot more than I enjoyed learning. Learning hurts because it takes a willingness to consider we don’t know everything. Each of us has more to learn. If we didn't, He'd take us.

I am joining hands with Jesus realizing this world is totally messed up and truly off base. His children fall into the same categories as the lost. Do you want to know Jesus? Really know Jesus? If so, you must study all there is about Him. You must learn His teachings and you must be willing to teach them to others. Because, you see, more darkness is revealed when we consistently draw closer to Christ. When we see the utter darkness of souls, evangelism (sharing His story) becomes an urgent need in our ongoing existence.

Sometimes, we want a short cut to spirituality. We want to revel in the fact that we were baptized as a baby or walked any aisle later in life to declare Christ as the One True Messiah. We don’t want to go the extra mile by taking the extra steps and spending more time in His word to understand Him in a deeply mysterious way. Christ was human. Christ was God. It is time for us to listen to the truth He wants to reveal to us.

Some of us flee the darkness as more light shines into the dark crevices of man’s depravity. Some of us live in the darkness and even participate in its sinful desires. Others of us have accepted Christ as Savior but really do not want to release our life to Him as Lord. We flee the darkness created by increased knowledge exposed to True Light. I fear we have turned into “see no evil; speak no evil; hear no evil” Christians.

Guess what? There is evil out there and we need to see it, speak it and hear it when others try to push us to the next level of Christianity.