Jul. 8, 2017

Dinner Time

The world is somewhat crazy.

It seems everything we eat

Comes with multiple warnings

Making our futures seem so bleak.

One day our menu is okay.

The next day has warnings galore!

I’m not really sure how to shop;

Unless it’s at the whole foods store.

Nothing in boxes!

Nothing in cans!

Only sugar-free

Jellies or jams.

But then sweeteners are bad.

How do you react to that?

You choose between cancer

Or just getting fat!

It’s no longer as simple

To choose not to smoke.

You must buy organic

And find yourself broke!

It gets really hard

When choosing health.

In order to do so,

You sacrifice wealth!

Sugar is bad.

Sweeteners are worse.

Diet Coke kills…

It seems like a curse!

The answer is simple.

It’s really no test.

My mom taught me well;

After all, she knows best.

Drink lots of water.

Lower your fats.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

How simple is that?

Limit your sugar.

Your alcohol, too.

Exercise often.

It’s what we must do!

You don’t want to worry

Obsessing about food.

Worrying is not healthy.

But, isn’t that what we do?

I like when people say,

“Have fun and eat cake!”

Life is too short

Fretting the decisions we make.

Anything in excess

Creates a bad situation.

Here’s an idea:

Learn moderation.