Jul. 6, 2017


In the evening when I close my eyes,

I know that life has changed. 

In the middle of the night,

My dreams keep everything the same.

I see your face and hear the laughter. 

You even roll your eyes. 

As dawn begins to break, 

I'm reminded of your cries. 

I know that you are better now;

I believe that you are healed. 

Still there are those moments

None of this seems real. 

Many suggest that I stay busy and try not to think about it. 

At times I feel my grieving soul screaming as I shout it, 

“This is wrong and isn't fair! She was especially kind!”

There is an ever-raging struggle deep within my mind. 

My faith always reminds me that I'll see you in the end. 

My grief knows you were not only my sister - 

You were my best, lifelong friend. 

*The artwork entitled, “Agony” and this poem are copyrighted along with this blogsite. They both provide an outlet helping me to cope.