Jun. 25, 2017

In a galaxy far, far away...

I recently attempted a rainy-day binge on Sci-Fi movies. I started with Minority Report; the version cut for television broadcasting, and then moved to The Day the Earth Stood Still.

I also tried to watch the sequel to Independence Day. Not because the first one was something outstanding, but Sci-Fi pictures (as long as they are not rated R) are pretty much no-brainers that allow you to doze off and still keep up with the plot.

I must admit that I preferred Keanu Reeves’ depiction of an alien much more than the ugly, slimy aliens portrayed in Independence Day: Resurgence. I also wished Minority Report would eventually come true so that crimes can be stopped prior to their actual occurrence. However, I don’t see any hope of identifying three clairvoyant people to lie in a pool of water with electrodes stuck to their head.

I did have a moment of realization during my Sci-Fi fix that many people see the bible as something farfetched and exaggerated. Of course, I am a firm believer that faith doesn’t have to make sense. Faith is actually an action; not a thought. When we choose to believe, faith will ebb and flow. When we commit to belief and put action behind our belief, we help change the world for the better. Not in a science fiction kind of way, but in a real, spiritually enlightened manner.

Since I have recently deemed myself as an amateur movie critic, I need to tell you that the story of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is true. All of the stories and accounts shared in the bible are true. There is historical credence to Israeli history, the roots of Islam, and the birth of Christianity. If you are tempted to think it is more of a Sci-Fi story than historical fact, be honest. Something of this magnitude would never stand the test of time if it weren’t true. God’s story has been and will always be. He was and is and is to come. Faith spreads like a wildfire. All it takes is one yielded heart to reach out to a searching soul and so on, and so on, and so on.

How can we prove faith? Faith is proven when faithful people live a life reflecting their beliefs. You can’t argue with living proof. People can argue about a lot of things; i.e., whether or not Independence Day: Resurgence is worth watching. People cannot argue against the reality of what is revealed in the lives of believers across the world and throughout history, decade after decade and generation after generation.

The bible is historical fact. It is not science fiction. God's word is His-Fa; not Sci-Fi.

If aliens do exist, I hope they exist in the form of Keanu Reeves and that spaceships are spinning, colorful spheres. I also am excited to know that I will travel to a place far, far away with no need of a spaceship. It’s called Heaven. Will you be there?

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