Jun. 17, 2017

Line in the Sand

When should a friendship draw a line?
In the life of a Christian, is there ever a time?

What do you do when it always seems
There is more division than harmony?

Are there some issues simply too hard
To try and work through despite our love for the Lord?

When we look at Jesus, what do we see?
I don’t know about you but that’s how I want to be.

Jesus wasn’t a doormat and He didn’t back down.
When He was accused, He never uttered a sound.

Jesus called people names like, “Hypocrites” and “Snakes.”
People made Him mad. At times, He took breaks.

Jesus loved everyone He met.
Nothing slipped past Him, but He could forgive and forget.

At the same time, God makes it quite clear
We must admit wrongdoings with humility and fear.

Jesus was strong; yet, Jesus was meek.
His love was pure – that’s what I seek!

To love others as Christ first loved them.
To be kind and patient. To be a good friend.

Still, when it came to Judas, Jesus knew
There would be some hearts He wouldn’t get through.

It’s a sad fact and I’ve realized with time
The greatest of barriers exist in our minds.

Isn’t it funny that we’ve made a loop?
We asked the question and sought the truth.

There will be times He draws the line.
People are removed from our life and we do just fine.

By Roni Archer