Jun. 14, 2017

Is ignorance really bliss?


Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

Is ignorance bliss? In order to determine whether this age-old saying is true or not, we must first define both words, “ignorance” and “bliss.”

Ignorance is defined as: “lack of knowledge or information.”  The second word, bliss, means: “perfect happiness or great joy.” So, the question becomes, “Is having a lack of knowledge or lack of information something that makes us perfectly happy and brings us great joy?”
My life experience has taught me that, for most of us, the answer is “yes.” Denial has grown to be a wonderful thing in many of our lives.
Ignorance is not the same as uneducated or under-educated. Ignorance in many ways is a choice to remain out of touch, uninformed, and choosing to stay stupid. Stupid is defined as: “lacking intelligence or lacking common sense.” Stupid was an ugly word in my home when I had small children to raise. As an adult, in certain circumstances, stupid says it all.
Truth often hurts; especially when we choose to remain in denial. Truth is defined as “the quality or state of being true; accurate; well-founded.”
I know many of us live in a constant state of ignorant bliss and often continue to ignore accurate truth that is well-founded because it challenges our life view. Usually our ego or opinion takes over our brain when we turn into a person who refuses to seek truth because truth contradicts our personal preferences.
I am growing increasingly more impatient with those who are satisfied living in blissful ignorance. I shudder when I observe people, especially those claiming to be God’s people, ignoring truth in an effort to remain blissfully ignorant. I guess the bottom line is we are as smart as we want to be and as ignorant as we choose to be.
Smart is defined as: “intelligence.” We need more of that these days.
Just my two-cents worth...